My vaping journey began when my son told me about a new vape shop that just opened in our town.   Someone he knew had tried their products and quit smoking by vaping.  I was very skeptical because three years before I had tried a pen style e-cigarette that didn’t work.  Oh, there were five flavors to choose from, but you would get them with a mouthful of liquid!  He convinced me to go when he said we could try it before we purchased it.  I left the vape store that day with two starter kits and no intention of quitting smoking!  I smoked outdoors, so I thought at least I wouldn't have to go outside as often!


Much to my surprise, a few days later I realized I hadn’t smoked at all and I thought, I will see how long I can go.  This in itself was remarkable because I was always one to buy another carton if I was down to two packs!  Another four days passed and I went to a bar in Panama City, FL during spring break to watch a band my son played in.  The bar was crowded and you could cut the smoke with a knife!  But I did not smoke, I vaped.  I made it through the night and threw away my last four cigarettes at that bar on March 16th, 2012.  But my promising journey would take a bad turn a month later.


One month into vaping, I began suffering acid reflux.  I didn't blame the vaping at first.  I was trying every home remedy from pickle juice to baking soda without relief until my doctor put me on medication.  After my doctor ran a tube down my throat and found nothing, I told him the only new thing I was doing was vaping.   He advised me that I could have an allergy to one or more of the chemicals in the e-liquid.  So he recommended that I try vaping 100% Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and then try slowly adding the other ingredients until the reflux began.  Through this process I discovered I was allergic to Propylene Glycol (PG).  I went back to my vape shop asking for alternatives and they had none.  I didn't want to fall back into smoking again, so I started a new journey to find how to make a vapor product I could use.


With nowhere else to turn, I began diluting the 18 nic e-liquid I had already purchased with straight VG, but the flavor wasn’t good and the reflux wasn't going away.  So I began researching until I felt comfortable trying to make my own mixture.  After months of experimenting, I developed a process to reduce the PG while keeping maximum flavor.  
Yum E-Nectar is a high VG e-liquid with no chemical aftertaste!  Using only the finest ingredients I could find, I have created a truly unique product.  Because I could not use the high PG products out there to compare, I was not aware of how unique this product is until others began trying it and asking me to make it for them.  Today, I am proud to offer you the first eight flavors in my high VG line! 


As the e-liquid industry continues to grow in size and technology, there are new chemical concerns with Diacetyl and Acetyl Propinoyl in e-liquid flavorings.  I am having my products independently tested and I am offering my e-liquid as a Harm Reduction product.  The consumer must assume all risk for using my product.  All of my flavors contain Vegetable Glycerin, Flavoring, Nicotine (unless zero nic on label) and Propylene Glycol.