A true gem of an e liquid, rich with the mouthwatering creaminess of those fancy butterscotch candies. Whether dripping or tanking, just open the bottle and delight in the savory sweet scent, followed by the smoothest vape with
a flavor explosion!

Razzle Sauce

Smooth, elegant and balanced, a raspberry e juice that goes with everything and quickly becomes an all day vape!

Keyed up pie

Close your eyes, you’ll swear this flavor came from a fork! Your first bite is a balanced and refreshing tropical key lime, quickly followed by a
smooth creamy filling with a light graham cracker finish! Dessert is served!

Oh my dragon!

A curious blend of dragon fruit and creams with a unique flavor, mythical as its namesake! Originally called “OMG” by its first
tasters, this flavor helped launch the Yum E-Nectar line.

Berry mysterious

A kaleidoscope of berries blended in light cream! The flavorful facets in this e liquid jewel tantalize your taste buds with different berries as you vape! No mystery why vapers LOVE this fun flavor in the Yum E-Nectar line!


Coconut lovers rejoice! This is the coconut, the whole coconut, and nothing but the coconut, so help me Yum E-Nectar! This e juice is always creamy, always sweet, always balanced, nothing but coconut goodness!

just peachy

The scent awakens, the taste delights! Take a bite of this ripe, juicy e nectar and fall in love! It’s just peachy!

summer melons

A summer picnic fruit basket in an e juice, bursting with refreshing melon at the center! Sunglasses recommended.


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